Michaelka's Hunting

Michaelka's Hunting is a passionate  hunter , national kickboxing champion and gun lover ; who's first successfully hunted animal was at the age of 13. Ever since that moment, she hasn't been able to live without the thrill of the hunt. She currently travels all around the world with her team to hunt , film and also save various animals , yet she's still able to find the time to write articles for magazines ,lecture in schools and university to help people understand what is hunting , and even work as a professional fitness trainer . At the age of 20, she was awarded the Miss Natura award in central Europe, due to her dedication of mentoring other girls by passing on the love she feels for hunting and the outdoors. More recently, she has earned yet another accolade: Best Sportsman of 2014.Now she still continue with her work and preparing herself for tactical and long range shooting competitions


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